Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Over the weekend I decided to make some Lasagna. My boyfriend Craig asked for healthy lasagna so this is what he got. I am sorry to say I don't have the measurements but this is what I used

Tomato Sauce
1 Large yellow onion
2 springs of oregano
salt to taste
about 2 teaspoons of sugar (just to add a little sweetness)
onion powder
Italian seasonings
garlic paste about 2 tablespoons
4 garlic cloves just crushed with a knife
2 Cans Muir Glen Whole Peeled Tomatoes with basil 28oz cans
1 can Muir Glen Organic no slat tomato sauce 15 oz
1 can Muir Glen Diced tomatoes 150z

2 lbs ground 99% lean turkey
Italian seasoning
onion powder
salt and pepper

2 boxes spinach to layer in lasagna

Ricotta Sauce
two 15 0z containers of non fat ricotta
Italian seasoning
garlic paste
2 cups of Parmesan
Salt and Pepper
1 Egg Yolk

3 boxes whole wheat lasagna sheets

3 bags 8oz each fat free mozzarella

First I dice the onions put them in the pot over moderate heat until they are translucent and soft then I add the crushed 4 garlic cloves. I toss in the spices and the oregano until you smell the aroma. I then also add the garlic paste at this point. Once all of this is combined I add all the tomatoes and salt. I let this simmer for about an hour uncovered then I taste again at this point I add more salt and the onion power and Italian seasonings and I add the sugar. I cover and forget about it for another hour. Then I come back and taste it at this point I like the taste so I take my handy hand blender and puree the sauce but leaving some texture. I let this simmer on the stove and it just gets better and better as it simmers.

Since I was making healthy lasagna I sauteed in a pan 2 pounds of lean ground turkey breast to this I added paprika salt, pepper and Italian seasonings. I let it brown up and then I break it up so it can now be spread in the lasagna

While the chicken was browning I made the ricotta filling

For the ricotta I use two 150z containers of non fat ricotta mixed it up with Italian seasoning Added some garlic paste and about 2 cups of fresh Parmesan. I also season with pepper. The Parmesan adds enough salt. Make sure to taste at this point make sure you like the taste. Then I add 1 egg yolk to help it bind it.

I used 3 boxes of whole wheat lasagna noodles cooked them for 5 minutes they are undercooked at this point and now its time to assemble

I put sauce on the bottom add the noodles, then sprinkle ground turkey and spinach add some of the ricotta mixture and layer with the mozzarella. I then spread with tomato sauce. And then repeat the process two more times. When I get to the top I spread the noodles with a layer of mozzarella and Parmesan.

Preheat your oven to 350 also make sure to put the lasagna pan on a cookie sheet since it will bubble over. About 45 minutes to an hour its done. But wait don't cut into it yet give it about 10 minutes to set up. Make a salad and you have a lovely dinner.

Back by popular Demand CRAIG!!!! He loved the lasagna and we have had dinner for a week.

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Jillian said...

this looks REALLY good. i've been meaning to try to make the weight watchers version, but i somehow think yours probably tasted better :)