Sunday, November 2, 2008

Meatloaf Dinner

The other night on my way home I was going to make a bison meatloaf but the store was out of bison so instead I made a Beef Meatloaf with a few sides Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Broccoli, Sauteed Mushrooms & Garlic Bread. It all turned about delicious! The only thing I forgot to do was write down the exact measurements with the seasonings for the meatloaf. Next time I make this I will repost with the correct measurements.
2 lbs 97% Lean Ground Beef
1 cup bread crumbs
1 tablespoon minced garlic
2 small yellow onions pureed
1 Can tomato paste (1/2 can to mix into meatloaf and the other half to rub over the top of the meatloaf
1 egg
Onion Powder
1 small yellow onion sliced thin
Preheat the oven to 400 Degrees

Puree the 2 small onions until it is liquid and then pour over the meat. By pureeing the onions it gives you a very moist meatloaf. Add the breadcrumbs, tomato paste, egg and spices. Mix together. The best way to incorporate everything is by using your hands. Be careful not to over mix.
Once it is all mixed then line a baking sheet with tinfoil (Make sure to use nonstick. I did not this time and it was hard to get the meatloaf off.) Form into free-form loaf and then cover with the remaining tomato paste. Make sure to cover the whole thing in a smooth equal layer. Then cover with sliced onions.

After about 45 minutes check the meatloaf to see if it is done. It should be firm and the juices are running clear.
1 loaf french bread
1 stick of butter (softened) (if your using a small loaf use less I used less than this)
1 bunch of parsley finely minced
4 cloves of garlic minced.
Combine the butter, parsley, garlic, and salt and pepper. Slice french bread in half and spread butter mixture on it. You want to spread and even layer over the bread. Then put the loaf back together wrap with tinfoil and place in the oven on a high rack above the meatloaf. I left mine in the entire time and it was delicious if you would like the bread to be softer then take it out earlier.

2 lbs Yukon gold potatoes
1 cup Chicken Stock (may not use all)

I decided to make mashed potatoes. I didn't feel like peeling the potatoes. I used a potato ricer so the skin removed when I used this. I used 2 lbs of Yukon gold potatoes. I start them in a pot of cold water and let them cook until tender. This is the best way to cook mashed potatoes in my opinion. It makes sure they cook evenly.

Once they are fork tender drain the potatoes and then use the potato ricer. Make sure not to put to many potatoes in the ricer. I rice them back into the pot I cooked them in.

Once all the potatoes are done I add chicken stock. My mom taught me this method it gives you really creamy potatoes ,and adds a lot of flavor. I don't add butter just a little bit of salt to taste. Add the chicken stock slowly and then mix the potatoes until they are the consistency you like.

I sauteed mushrooms in a hot pan. Once the mushrooms had releases there water I added some minced garlic. I used button mushrooms, cremini, portabello, and oyster mushrooms. (They came sliced and combined in the package) I used 3 packages.

While the meatloaf is cooking I slice up some raw broccoli including stalks. I cover a baking sheet with tinfoil and then mix olive oil, broccoli, salt and pepper. Put in the 400 Degree oven with the meatloaf after 20 minutes check and mix the broccoli cook for about 15 more minutes until it is lightly brown and tender.

Once everything is done plate it all and enjoy. Since I didn't use non stick foil I had a hard time getting the meatloaf off it came apart a little bit in the process, but it was still delicious!

The meal was delicious and a total success!
Since my boyfriend Craig has become a big part of this blog, and I know people have enjoyed him on here. I thought he should now have a voice on the blog. So for the first time ever I share with you. . .
Craig says, "Meatloaf so good you cant stop thinking about it for days! 4 thumbs up for the best loaf of meat I have ever inhaled!"


Elra said...

LOL, That happens all the to me, excited to cook and create something delicious, but forget to write down the exact ingredients.

Craig seems like very nice boy friend, he really seems to enjoy a lot of your cooking, and that is a good thing.

Natashya said...

That is definitely a "make your man happy" meal!
And - Hey! you got the pasta roller set. Congrats, it is my fave KA attatchment. (I find it helps to have a little flour nearby for dusting when you roll the pasta)

Lynn said...

Whoa, that is a ton of work to prepare a meal as wonderful as that! Can I come to dinner?

MaryMary said...

Those onions make meatloaf look fabulous! And how fun to have Craig give us a review! ;)

Foodycat said...

Gorgeous meatloaf! And I always think that the best thing about a meatloaf is the meatloaf sandwich the next day.

Manggy said...

Give the meal a third and fourth thumbs-up from me! ;)

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Wow, it's just about dinner time here, and I'd much rather be eating this than watching these crazies argue about the election on CNN!

Amber said...

I am okay with not exact ingredients but, 2 small onions pureed and 2 more onions pureed? I love a good meatloaf especially with mashed potatoes and could eat the leftovers for days. Craig is a great prop and must love you a lot, how fun to have someone to cook for.

Ruth said...

Thanks for the nice comments. I have fixed the post. I did not mean to put 2 onions pureed twice. Thanks for the catch!

Maryanna said...

This looks like a good filling meal.... Good comfort foods. I'll bet the bison would be good, too.

Jillian said...

FYI... jill is SALIVATING!

looks soooo good. yea craig def has that look on his face of "i'm one happy man cause my lady cooked me a manly meal". ha ha good job dometic goddess ;)

Lisa said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. This looks like one delicious dinner!

Julia @ crazyaboutbretzels said...

oh, hoow I started to crave for good old meatloaf... looks delicious!

Leslie said...

I always forget to write things down! Someday I will learn.
I am not sure I have ever had Bison.
Thanks for warmly welcoming me back!!

Yvo said...

Yumms! That looks good :)
What ever happened to the grass fed beef? No good? :(

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A scrumptious dinner! I love meatloaves!



Clumbsy Cookie said...

What a wonderful meal! I love everything you have made!