Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shrimp Salad

The other night for dinner I decided to make a shrimp salad. I had these lovely brioche buns from fresh direct and I thought a shrimp salad would complement it. I used a large bag of cleaned frozen shrimp. Frozen shrimp can be a great deal when you go to the store most shrimp has been previously frozen and your paying an extra fee for them to defrost it. I ran the shrimp under cold water for 5 minutes and removed the tails.

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Make sure to dry the shrimp. I sprinkled the shrimp with old bay seasonings and olive oil and roasted in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes until the shrimp turns pink.

After the shrimp has cooled I chop it into bite size pieces. Zest 1 whole lemon and use all the juice from the lemon. I used 4 stalks of celery chopped and 4 scallions I combined all of this and then added Miracle Whip. I did not want to much mayonnaise but just enough to coat the shrimp. Before serving I cut the buns in half and toasted for 2 minutes so it would be slightly warm.

It was a delicious light dinner and also made a lovely salad the next day.


Selba said...

This looks so delicious! Love the shrimp :)

Leslie said...

I love shrimp salad. too bad no one else in the house would eat it. Oh wait, that means more for me!!!!

Lisa Michelle said...

I LOVE shrimp salad, and yours looks phenomenal. I want that sandwich now! That said, uh oh, Craig's Corner is missing again! Is he only available for DB challenges? LOL

Treehouse Chef said...

This looks very tasty!!!

TeaLady said...

This looks really easy and very yummy!

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